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HMAS Aware P91

HMAS Aware P91 was an Attack-class patrol boat. She was launched on the 7th of October 1967, commissioned on the 21st of June 1968 and decommissioned on the 17th of July 1993.

Her Motto was :"Forever Alert".

Rear Admiral Marcus Frederick Bonser was CO of HMAS Aware between 1980 and 1982.

Aware participated in a Squadron Exercise off Darwin in May 1981 in company with her sister ships, HMA Ships Adroit, Ardent and Acute, and later participated in Exercise BEACON SOUTH 81 in August.

She was transferred to the Adelaide Port Division of the Royal Australian Navy Reserve in November 1982. In February 1986 Aware spent one month visiting South Australian ports; and in company with HMAS Whyalla, and represented the RAN at South Australia’s 150th Jubilee Celebrations.

Image: HMAS Aware Ship Crest

The patrol boat paid off on 17 July 1993. She was sold to a private owner sometime before 1998, and after modification in Melbourne (including an extension of the superstructre to cover the quarterdeck), was used as a diving and salvage ship.

In 2006, Aware was acquired by a group of investors, and sailed to Bundaberg, Queensland by a former crewmember. The investors withdrew support shortly after, and the former crewmember took over ownership of the vessel.

Image: HMAS Aware P91 Attack Class Patrol Boat at Dock no.1 Port Adelaide 1982

Aware fell into disrepair, and in 2010, the Bundaberg Magistrates Court fined the owner for failing to have the ship insured. According to the owner, the lack of facilities capable of handing the former patrol boat has made insurance inspections almost impossible. A buyer for the vessel could not be found and in December 2011 the vessel was scrapped.

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