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Main Display Room

The main display room houses the bulk of our collection here at the Nepean Naval & Maritime Museum. 
Among the many displays that we have available for viewing in our main room, our model and replica ships are one of the most popular.
We showcase Naval military vessels as well as Submarine class models and even some ships that date back to the 18th century.
HMAS Warramanga was commissioned at Sydney on the 23 November 1942
The Royal Navy purchased seven such destroyers in March of 1936, with a second group of nine Tribal's ordered in June for two flotilla's worth of ships. The Royal Australian Navy and Royal Canadian navy also both ordered a flotilla of Tribal's.
Eight such Australian ships were to be built in Australian Shipyards based off of the British designs. Only three of them were ever completed, two in 1942 and the other in 1945, the rest were subsequently cancelled.
The three ships that were completed were the HMAS Arunta, Bataan and the Warramunga.
The Museum hosts a range of Naval arms and munitions, the largest of which rests in the center of the main room.
Upon entering the Main display room it is difficult to not immediately see our largest museum asset, the 3.5 meter long Sea Sparrow missile.
Our Sea Sparrow is a RIM-7 (Radar Intercept Missile 7) a ship borne  short-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapon system, primarily intended for defence against anti-ship missiles.
The system was developed in the 1960's and fifty years after development the Sea Sparrow remains an important part of layered air defence system.
Also on display are our Block 1 Harpoon Missile and the Shorts Sea Cat. A small, subsonic missile powered by a two-stage solid fuel rocket motor.

Fleet Air Arm Display

The Fleet Air Arm (FAA), Known formally as the Australian Navy Aviation Group, is a division of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) responsible for the operation of aircraft.
These personnel fought in the Korean War (HMAS Sydney) and the Vietnam War (RAAF and United states Army Aviation Company) and have participated in later conflicts and have  operated from a host of warships.


The Fleet Air Arm display contains a pilot in full flight suit and helmet for the 1980's along with a number of aircraft models and types operated by the FAA (Fleet Air Arms) during the last 40 years.
In the bottom of the display you will see some unusual items they consist of a rotor hub for an Iroquois helicopter built in Lidcombe NSW by Hawker De Havilland for an order issued by the Aust Govt during the Vietnam conflict.

Model Ship Display


Naval Arms and Munitions

For All Ages
Wheelchair Accessable

Museum Hours

Open Sundays: 11am - 3pm
$2 Gold Coin On Entry
Free parking
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