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Clarence (Clarrie) Gregson Shaw

Clarrie joined the Nepean Blue Mountains sub-section on December 1998, and in February l999 he accepted the position of secretary, a position he held until 2007 when he then accepted the position of President, a position he still holds today.

The presence of Clarrie in these positions has seen the subsection rise from a deteriorating position due to the loss of many original key members' with very few active members, to a thriving organisation and membership which has gained the respect and co-operation of other like organisations in the Community.

His organisational and readership abilities have also increased the level of co-operation between Local Government officers, councillors and state politicians, particularly in relation to the Nepean Naval Centre on the banks of the Nepean River, which the subsection built, and has leased from Penrith city council since 1990.

The land was previously leased in 1980 on the sub-sections behalf by the Navy League of Australia.

Image: Clarence (Clarrie) Gregson Shaw

Clarrie’s personal drive has seen our two main annual functions resurrected to grow in strength and stature particularly over the 8 years of his leadership. They are:

1. The Naval Paceway meeting at Penrith Paceway first held in October1986 to Celebrate the75th Anniversary of the Navy, with the races named after Naval Ships, submarines and Establishments, and the two main races named after the Royal Australian Navy and the Naval Association of Australia.

2. The Annual commemoration service for our deceased members held at the Impressive Memorial beside the Building on the banks of the Nepean River, set aside by Penrith council in memory of a departed member, and called the Sandy Brennan Reserve.

With the departure of TS Nepean Naval Reserve Cadet Unit from the building and their move to Commonwealth Government property, Clarrie has been the driving force behind the establishment of the building as a permanent Naval and Maritime Museum to ensure that it is preserved for the benefit of the members and the general community.

In the short time it has been established, the Museum, which currently only operates on weekends, has started to grow, with increasing financial donations and historical items.

His objective is to have a fully functional Museum opening within 3 - 5 years. To this end the Sub-section has incorporated an Association named the Nepean Naval and Maritime Museum Association incorporated.

Image: 2016 Remembrance Day, Penrith

The Museum which was opened on a limited basis on 6th December 2014 was honoured by

many dignitaries including commander Alex Hawes, RAN, Director of the Naval Heritage Collection who gave the opening address.

Clarrie works tirelessly to ensure that the subsection continues to meet and exceed the

Objects of the Association by supporting its members and ex-Navalmen, the ex-Service community, TS Nepean Naval Reserve Cadet and the General community.

Clarence Gregson Shaw’s 16 years of dedication is considered highly deserving of Life Membership by his Sub-Section. Image: 2015 Memorial Day

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